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Our Core Services

Our company focuses on providing family office and high net worth individuals with tailored solutions that reflect their personal, professional and business needs to achieve their financial goals, whilst growing and protecting their wealth within the context of each client's particular risk tolerance.

Working in partnership with you, our role is to help create, implement and manage solutions for you to meet your financial objectives.

Whether you would like to finance or invest, we have products and services that may suit your needs.

We also provide investment advisory services to ensure that your portfolio can fully reflect your investment goals at any time through close contact with the exclusive wealth manager.

  • Global Private Banking platforms offer a comprehensive range of investment solutions designed to give you flexibility and personalized options to meet your investment objectives together with your wealth manager.

  • For those who like to be directly involved in the ongoing decision-making process of their investment portfolios, we provide a Full Service Brokerage offering, (International Investment Advisory).
    Working with an investment advisor, you will receive professional service, sound advice backed by solid research and investment recommendations based on your specific needs.

  • Properly structured and implemented, International Trusts or companies can be an effective estate planning solution that may provide confidentiality, ease of transferring assets to your chosen beneficiaries and other advantages. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of your wealth for the good of your family members and ensure peace of mind for you and your heirs.

  • An elite team of professionals specialized in advising Universal Life Protection products to high net worth clients.

  • We offer a wide range of International Funds to provide the diversity you need to invest for your financial future.

    1. ·Resource Concept
    2. ·Environmental Concept
    3. ·Property Concept
  • We offers a comprehensive range of insurance solutions to suite your needs. Quick and easy insurance quotes can be obtained by choosing the best insurance product and company to fit your needs.

    1. ·Offshore Banking Account
    2. ·Offshore Fund Investment
    3. ·Offshore Insurance Platform
    4. ·Offshore Mortgage Services
    5. ·Offshore Trust Service
  • Target also provide discretionary investment service to client, we look at all dimensions of your individual situations and strive to gain a clear picture of your needs and objectives. Professional Advisory Services specializes in the unique needs of your investment appetites. Our advisors are in helping clients build wealth that is independent of their business income.