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Excellent Talent

Excellent Talent

Excellent Talent:

This program aims to attract high-tech talents or excellent talents to settle in Hong Kong in order to enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness.

Eligibility To Apply

  • Applicable to Chinese citizens holding People's Republic of China passports and permanent resident status
  • No need to have found a job in Hong Kong when applying
  • Method 1: Comprehensive scoring
  • Age, education, work experience, talent list, language ability, family background, total score: 245 points (minimum 80 points)
  • The stay period mode is "⌊3+3+2⌋" years. Talents who meet the "Top Talent" requirements (i.e., with an income of HKD 2 million or more in the last assessed tax year) have a stay period of ⌊3+5⌋ years.
  • Renewal conditions: Having a job or a company in Hong Kong
  • Method 2: Achievement scoring
  • Outstanding Achievement Award (e.g., Olympic medals, Nobel Prize, national/international awards), or proof that their work has been recognized by their peers
  • or has made significant contributions to the development of their field (e.g., received a lifetime achievement award in the industry)
  • The stay period is 8 years.
  • Renewal conditions: can independently bear the cost of living and accommodation for themselves and their dependents during their stay in Hong Kong.
In case of any changes in the regulations, please refer to the latest government announcement. The final approval result is subject to the government.

Application Process

*Applicants holding a Chinese passport need to apply for a "Stay D" endorsement from the exit-entry department in China.
*The application process is for reference only, and the actual official approval process shall prevail.
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