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  • Asset structure design, value - added and management

    Assets inside and outside the configuration,planning and implementation and management

    Asset wind control, isolation and crisis management

    Accounting of assets and tax planning

    Allocation of assets

    Property agreement and arrangement between family members

    The Orientation of Members' Roles and Interests

    Determination and solidification of member values

    Design and implementation of member

    investment structure

    The allocation and implementation of member assets

    Membership agreements and arrangements between members

    Member groups and tax arrangements

    Member risk isolation and crisis management

  • Client
  • Curing and Development of Enterprise Integrated Architecture

    Enterprise group governance perfect

    Determination and Perfection of Enterprise Assets

    Arrangement and Perfection of Enterprise 's Control Right and Management right

    Planning and implementation of cross - border control structure

    Enterprise business model curing

    Design and Adjustment of Enterprise Incentive Mechanism

    Organization and Implementation of Enterprise M & A and Reorganization

    Construction and Perfection of Enterprise 's Comprehensive Risk Management System

    Enterprise Shareholding System Reform and Stock Issuance and Listing

    Design and Implementation of Enterprise Investment Structure

    Design and Management of Enterprise Finance

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