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Asset Management - EAM Platform

Private Banking
Discretionary Service :
We manage your assets according to a pre-agreed investment profile.
Investment Advisory Service:
We provide guidance and advice on investment before you
make your own decision.
The idea of external asset manager (EAM) was originated from Switzerland.
  Client sets up investment account in private bank, and authorizes
investment manager to handle it. (Discretionary Service)
Client enjoys the advantages from private bank, including privacy and diversified investment choices, and also obtains professional services from investment managers

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  • ·The customer opens an account with a private bank
  • ·The client signed an asset management contract with the investment manager, authorizing the investment manager to valet to carry out investment activities, manage accounts.
  • ·Bank and investment manager signed an external asset management service agreement
  1. ·Provide asset management services to customers.
  2. ·Ancient has been registered as an investment adviser and the SFC intends to provide investment and asset management services for discretionary and discretionary entrusted funds.
  3. ·Has been registered as an investment adviser in the SFC, providing investment and asset management to authorized or non-authorized accounts.
  4. ·The old investment manager will set up an investment policy based on the customer's return and risk orientation.
  5. ·According to the relevant investment policy (Investment policy), the ancient will be for the customer asset allocation, the establishment of a portfolio.
  6. ·Ancient times will regularly monitor the performance of the portfolio and make the
    appropriate allocation of assets and report to the customer.